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Power System Engineering

Power system analysis is the core expertise at POWER-tek. POWER-tek has close to two decades successful business history of delivering solutions in power systems engineering area. Our work in power transmission, distribution and industrial systems includes:

  • Bulk transmission system planning and operational studies
  • Distributed generation connection studies, engineering and support
  • Engineering design, analysis and support
  • Power generation project management and support
  • Technical consulting and training

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Generation Development Support

POWER-tek Global offers clients a wide set of consultancy services that range from conceptual design of electrical power systems to testing and commissioning of fully operational power plants. Our strength comes from our combined experience in the power generation sector which collectively exceeds 250GW of generation capacity.

  • Expertise from “technical to business end” of any power generation project
  • Team of seasoned and highly qualified professionals ensures timely and cost effective delivery of services
  • Maintaining excellence and quality are the hallmarks of our work in the generation sector.
  • Our clients capitalize on our knowledge of the “trends, opportunities and constraints” of the power industry
  • 24/7 support while they develop their power generation projects around the world.

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Energy and End Use Efficiency

Energy expense is one of the major components of most manufacturing and services companies. Reducing energy expense is equivalent to free cash flow for businesses. The benefits of our services and offerings in this area include:

  • Free cash can be used to further expand and improve business operations or pay additional dividends to shareholders. 
  • Implementing companywide energy efficiency programs can contribute in reducing energy costs.
  • POWER-tek can help your company efficiently use energy through our demand side management services delivered by a team of energy experts located in North America, and Asia.

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Smart Grid/GIS and IT Applications

POWER-tek offers smart grid solutions integrated with strong geographical information systems (GIS) and information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructures to help our clients adapt to the increased demands for efficiency in operating of power systems and to help them improve their level of service to their customers. Our work in smart grid includes:

  • Smart grid, GIS and IT applications in power systems
  • Integration of power system data, power system analysis tools and GIS maps.
  • DMS integration and tailoring to systems needs
  • AMI/AMR system development, installation and testing
  • Developing data bases for different power system application

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Energy Recruitment Services

POWER-tek provides a staff of quality personnel to support our client’s complete engineering and IT needs as well as have the capability to perform the complete management and implementation of a project ourselves. Our experience includes work at major power companies across three continents, North America, Asia, and Middle East. Our services include:

  • Specialized, project based hiring solutions designed to meet the hiring needs
  • Access to a vast pool of candidates on our developed and maintained recruitment platform to pick and choose the perfect candidate
  • Staff augmentation
  • Timely search “tough to find” positions that are not found in our exhaustive database

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